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Endless beaches, timeless ruins, welcoming people, oodles of elephant, rolling surf, cheap prices, fun trains, famous  tea and flavorful food describe Sri Lanka. 

The undiscovered country

You might say Sri lanka has been hiding in plain sight. countless numbers of travelers have passed overhead on there way to some place else, and years of war and challenges, such as tsunami had kept Sri lanka off many itineraries.

but now sri lanka is finding its way onto the itineraries of ever more travelers. while successive waves of Indian, attracted by report of rear spices, precious stones and magnificent elephant.poised just above the Equator amid the balmy waters of Indian ocean, the island legendary refutation for natural beauty and plenty has inspired and almost magical regards.

Sri lankan Buddhism

Buddhism runs deep in sri lanka. The island was one of the first places to convert to the religion, in 247 BC. and has remained unswerving faithful in two thousand years since. As such, Sri lanka is claimed to be the world’s oldest Buddhist country, and Buddhism continues to permeate the practice life and spiritual beliefs of the majority of the isrland’s Sinhalese population. Buddhist temples can be found everywhere, orange robed monks is one of the island’s enduring visual images.

So much in So little

Few places have as many UNESCO World Heritage Sites -eight- packed into such a small area. Sri Lanka’s 2000 plus years of culture can be discovered at ancient sites, where legendary temples boats beautiful details. Across the island, that thing that goes bump in the night might be an elephant heding to favorite waterhole. safari tours of Sri Lanka’s pleasantly relaxed national parks encounter leopards, water buffaloes, all manner of birds.


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